Who We Are

Committed individuals making life better for teens facing their fight and those who have faced and conquered. Promoting courage and confidence in young cancer fighters and survivors in their moment. While in the hospital struggling to find that place of strength and confidence we extend a helping hand to calm their fears. We show our support as they get out of the hospital gown and find comfort in wearing regular clothes with the message BeFEARLESS branded on them.

The Founder's Story

On the day after Christmas 2009, I awakened with a 103-degree temperature and could barely stand. A complete blood count panel was done. The call came later that day that I was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML), a rare, frightening and aggressive form of blood cancer.

I learned I was in the advanced stages of leukemia and there began my journey. I was quickly referred to MD Anderson's Cancer/Stem Cell Transplant Oncology Center in Houston, a facility generally recognized as one of the world's premier cancer centers where I underwent chemotherapy in preparation for an infusion of stem cells, a procedure deemed the only way to curtail the fast-moving disease.

I was one of the many sick people at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. When I looked out the window I realized there were hundreds more in that vast medical complex that were every bit as bad off as me. I was especially touched by the kids in the cancer wards and felt deeply for their parents.

A new goal evolved and lead to the establishment of the BeFEARLESS Foundation, which focuses on helping kids with cancer by providing cool clothes, ball caps and the like emblazoned with the foundation's brave name. I started to create beanies that were fun, comfortable and stylish. I could see the positive influence our gear was having on their spirit and from there we created more.

BeFEARLESS Gear began initially with the beanies, which are 100% soft cotton, then we added other items at the request of the youth wanting additional gear that symbolizes Strength, Courage and Attitude.

Cancer makes everybody afraid. It doesn't matter how strong you try to be – the very word is scary. But I know I started feeling less afraid and was able to fight back better the minute I asked for street clothes and got out the hospital gown. I think it will work the same way with youth. I have my life back! Born in San Antonio 50 years ago, I have lived in the Alamo City all my life.