Here at Fearless Church, we are convinced that God designed the church and the family to work together to raise the next generation to be Fearless followers of Christ who will change the world!

Our desire is to coach and raise up parents to be the Primary Faith Trainer in the lives of their children. 

Because of this, we view discipleship as a two-fold front. You are the “A Team” and we are the “B Team”, but if we are to work together, we must have a common path on which we walk.  On this path of Flight Plan, we work to equip families to disciple the next generation through leading Faith Talks, capturing God Moments, and celebrating Milestones.

Intentional times set aside each week for conversations around scripture.

Informal moments where God is working in your child’s life. As a parent, you can capture these moments to point your child to Christ.

Significant moments in your child’s life that families celebrate together and capture in order to focus on how to follow Jesus in specific life stages.